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Virtual Boarding(ViBoard)

INT9’S Virtual Boarding(ViBoard) is our proprietary product development framework developed with the client in mind. The framework is aimed at providing the highest level of service and satisfaction for the customers. Through ViBoard, we bring a step by step algorithmic approach in building the solution and deliver post-production support. We leverage ExpertModel(ExMod) to cross-engage the technologies across our applications.

Depending on the requirement, we utilize various project management methodologies to deliver the product within the budget and timelines.


    Customer Engagement
  • Our customers call INT9 Solutions with the problem
  • INT9 Solutions Client Manager contacts the customer and setup an initial meeting within 8 business hours
  • INT9 Solutions Client Manager go over the Virtual Boarding(ViBoard) model, interview and gather the needs of the customer.
  • INT9 Solutions Client Manager assures to be the Single Point of Contact
  • INT9 Solutions Client Manager assemble and manage the product development
  • Product development team develop and deliver the product
  • INT9 Solutions Client Manager organize sprint reviews with the customer to ensure the product meet their needs
  • Train the customer and the INT9 Solutions helpdesk team on the application
  • Release product to customer and start e-Marketing(FaceBook, Adwords, LinkedIn et al)
  • INT9 Solutions helpdesk take over the application support
  • INT9 Solutions Client Manager continue to act as the escalation point for the customer